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Deborah Sherwin

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  1. 1. Know what you're talking about

    Look it up. Research it. Write it out. Know your audience, and your competition. Find out the landscape and the stakeholders. Read. Search. Listen.

  2. 2. Tell the story

    Open your thesaurus. Work hand-in-hand with your writer. Find the right words. Make sure the client loves it.

  3. 3. Make stuff

    Draw. Bookmap it. Flow the copy. Print it out and comp it up. Put the pieces together. Break them apart. Start over, and build it again.

  4. 4. Iterate

    Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.

  5. 5. Make it real

    Embrace limitations. Get it approved. Put every letter and every pixel exactly where it should be. Send it out into the world.